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The Body Image Project 

This work is fundamentally about working with young people aged 8 - 14 to discuss body image, body confidence and mental health through dance, discussion and other creative tasks. It's inspired by recent data about mental health and body image in primary schools being under addressed and my passion for the subject due to lived experiences.

From February - April ran this as a series of four workshops, in four different schools (primary and secondary) in Aberdeen City. We danced and connected and discussed all sorts of topics, led by what the children's thoughts and beliefs were. This was supported by funding from Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding for Individuals, as well as dance artists Laura Booth and Lauren Smith, and wellbeing support Tabitha Moorse. There is feedback and evaluative material below the images.

Whilst I am seeking further funding to continue this work, if you are interesting in having this come to your school or community, please do get in contact.

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“Dear Rosie, I am writing to you today because I am really thankful for what you have done with our class and I think it has helped our class a lot so thank you. I also really enjoyed talking about what we felt uncomfortable about and it helped with the arguing in the class.” – student comments

“We wanted to thank you for your 4 amazing sessions with P6/7! P6/7 found it very helpful! Every session made us feel happy and light!” – student comments

“I definitely noticed a positive difference with the class as a whole and key individuals off the back of the project. They are more aware, understanding and keen to support than they were previously and we have used a number of strategies from the project in the class. The honesty from Rosie about her own past mental health struggles was inspiring and this opened up doors for the children to feel like they can talk about their feelings.” – class teacher comments

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